A Painful Truth: Part IV

Buying smart does not only mean not over-paying and it doesn’t mean simply choosing to go with a name brand which often is sold at a premium (the cost of those big advertising campaigns is factored into the cost of the jewellery you buy from them). Buying smart means taking the time to research and work with someone with the education and integrity to help you make an informed decision.

Keep an eye out for the establishments which try to push you into a decision, ask questions, research the company, ask about credentials, about the quality of the materials, and look closely at the quality of the craftsmanship… And always remember, if it seems too good to be true? It probably is. Non-disclosure or cut corners are usually the reason for these “bargain” finds, and the overall look and quality of the piece will show this.

Lastly, approach influencer supported products with care and don’t take everything you read at face value. Follow up, research the companies, and in our industry, use the links to the GIA Alumni Directory and the GIA Education Verification form I’ve included in these blog posts. Look for the framed credentials and choose to work with someone who has earned your trust.

Choosing to work with a company of GIA graduate gemologists, like Maison Goldberg, ensures that your purchases are made from a well-educated standpoint. We pride ourselves on being able to provide superior quality at a lower cost through our extensive knowledge and large global network.

I truly enjoy sharing my experiences and education with my clients. If you have questions or comments, reach out via email at info@maisongoldberg.com or DM me on Instagram @maisongoldberg

And remember #dontpayretail



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