Everything You Need To Know To Wear Fashion Jewellery Like A Pro


Everything You Need To Know To Wear Fashion Jewellery Like A Pro

Jewellery has been a vital accessory for decades. You can wear the most stunning dress in the world, but your outfit won’t be complete unless you add a piece of jewellery to it. It’s amazing how powerful it is. Even the simplest of the outfits gets a sophisticated touch with jewellery.

Fashion is all about feeling yourself. And the best way to do that is by wearing accessories and clothes that give you freedom
to express your personality. At Maison Goldberg, we’ll help you do that while having fun! Enjoy our guide
and get to know more about the fashion jewellery world. Dive in!


When we say “jewellery,” most people immediately associate it with engagement rings and wedding bands. But, the term goes way beyond that. Our desire to accessorise to express our style has incorporated jewellery into it, and the name says it all: jewellery worn for fashion purposes.

The best thing about fashion jewellery is that you can wear it without any meanings attached, if you want to. They don’t  need a purpose; it’s just you finding your voice and expressing it with your outfit. 

This market has grown so much that you’ll find a wide variety of fashion jewellery to choose from. It also comes in all sorts of colours, styles and materials. There’s no doubt that choosing just one will be a challenge! Thankfully, with the help of an expert, everything gets easier.


Fashion jewellery gives you the freedom to choose the piece you want and wear it the way you want it. You’ll see that finding a piece that matches your style and enhances your beauty is also an act of self-knowledge. You’ll get to take a look at your preferences and picture how other people see you. 

When it comes to fashion, every single detail sends a message. Your image is the most powerful thing about yourself, especially when you enter a room. So, think carefully about what you want to convey. Are you romantic or modern? Classic or bold? Use the right accessories to send the right message.


These pieces are so popular that there are a lot of trends happening at the same time. Think about this process as research: you’re getting ready to make the best decision, the one you won’t regret. Plus, they’ll give you some inspiration on how to style your fashion jewellery. 

Gold Fashion Ring


It’s been years since gold has officially been established as a statement piece, but its popularity has never wavered. Pieces made out of gold are often associated with sophistication and elegance. Not only that, but gold is also a very resistant material that won’t tarnish. This is a piece that will last a lifetime. 

Pearl Necklace


If you have an eye on trends, you probably already know that we’re living in the time of Pearlcore. This is a trend advertised by Pinterest, which every year releases fashion updates. More than never, this is the perfect time to start using this romantic and lovely gem! They add a vintage touch to any look and are a great addition to any jewellery collection. Here at Maison Goldberg, we have incorporated pearls in a variety of new and modern styles.

Gold Rings


The concern to match metals is long gone! If you want to style your gold earrings with a silver necklace, go for it! Mixing metals is the right choice for modern people who are always looking for the next trend. The most important thing is to find yourself in this process. LaCkore Couture has the best website for jewelry shopping. Feeling comfortable and happy are everything you need to be even more beautiful.


Maison Goldberg is a father-and-daughter owned business. This family has provided a fine jewellery retailer service in Canada for over 70 years. After combining their experiences and expertises, the duo has revolutionised the jewellery market by offering custom design services.

Maison Goldberg Store

This sets a whole new personalised experience for every customer. This goes from first-timers, looking for their first piece, to experienced buyers, already familiarised with our first-class service. Maison Goldberg is a pioneer of this type of service in Montreal. Let us be a part of your dream. 

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