All About Engagement Rings


All About Engagement Rings

Proposing to your loved one is a life-changing event. Thus, it’s only natural for you to want that moment to be absolutely perfect. You’ll definitely want the engagement ring to be perfect, since your loved one can wear it for a lifetime, if she wishes to do so.

This blog post is aimed at presenting you with all you need to know about engagement rings prior to buying one
for your loved one. That way, you can make an informed decision to pick the perfect match for your significant other.
Ready to find out all you need to know about how to choose the right ring? 

Engagement Proposal


Engagement rings come in several different models and sizes, so where to start when choosing an engagement ring in light of so many options may seem overwhelming for many grooms. So, get ready and let us guide you throughout this exciting journey of choosing the perfect engagement ring for you! 

Let’s begin by taking a look at some key features that can help you find the right ring for your significant other; namely, the ring’s precious metal, the engagement ring’s setting and last but not least, the diamond shape.


To find the perfect engagement ring, a good place to start is by looking at the metal color that it’ll feature, since this mostly impacts the overall aesthetic and look of the ring. Precious metals for engagement rings can include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. 

The way to choose the right precious metal for you is to simply look at the skin. White gold or platinum are perfect natural complements to virtually any skin tone –  no wonder it is so popular among so many grooms and brides!

Yellow gold, on the other hand, is timeless and classy. It enhances tanned skin tones, as it highlights the golden hues within warmer skin tones. Rose gold works similarly for warmer undertones – yet with the added romantic touch that makes this metal stand out.


An engagement ring’s setting is key because it accommodates the precious diamond in the middle, so it is truly important for you to take it into consideration when choosing the overall look of your ring. In addition, its style and design also says a lot about the bride’s personality, so see what the different kinds look like.

Three Stone Engagement Ring


A blend between classical and modern, this style is aimed at representing a past, a present and a future – all at the same time. As it consists of three different stones, this design offers the advantage of allowing for a combination of mixing and matching among more than one kind of gem or shapes of gems. 

As such, it is very convenient for people who may want to combine their diamond engagement rings with other precious gems, such as ruby and diamond engagement rings, as well as pink, purple and yellow sapphire engagement rings, and many others. So, do you know of a special kind of ring that your sweetheart loves to wear when it comes to jewellery? If the answer is yes, then the three-stone design may be the perfect option for her.

Halo Engagement Ring


Made up of a halo of diamonds surrounding a diamond centerpiece in the middle, the halo style brings attention to that gem’s sparkle and surrounds it with the brilliant glow of the smaller stones around it. Given that it is extremely eye-catching, the halo is the perfect setting for those who want to let everyone around them know that they’re engaged – and that they’ve found the one!



Usually when we think of an engagement ring, we think of this very classic and traditional setting. The way it is designed is that it features a single center stone in the middle in an elegantly minimalist fashion, drawing the attention to the diamond’s centerpiece.



Following a minimalistic take, this style can easily resemble a wedding band in its design, yet still manages to convey a glamorous look because its band is commonly engraved in little sparkling diamonds. Straight engagement ring settings are ideal for bride’s planning to wear them along with their wedding bands upon marriage, since they are especially designed to match wedding bands so well.  



The setting style features a larger central diamond combined with smaller-sized ones in delicate shapes and symbols, such as leaves and flower designs that greatly remind us of the so-called vintage style. It is perfect to convey an antique, ethereal look that your bride is unlikely to get tired of. 

Custom Design

If you’ve read this piece so far and still don’t know which setting to choose, you can still consider having a custom engagement ring especially designed for your significant other, so that it’ll truly be unique. That way, you can rest assured no one else will have a ring like hers. For more information on this option, speak to our team of experts by accessing our contact form through this link.


Engagement Ring Diamond Shapes

Now that the setting and material are all good to go, don’t forget to choose the perfect diamond to go along with your ring. Diamonds can have the following shapes: oval, round, princess, cushion, pear, emerald, and marquise.


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