How to choose the best jewelry piece for a Christmas gift


After months of hard work and dedication, the holiday season is here! Which means that now is the time to relax, gather with your family and reunite with long-time friends. A good way to make these moments even more memorable is giving heartfelt gifts to the ones you love!


If you enjoy thinking outside the box, you’ll certainly appreciate our jewellery ideas for gifts this holiday season!

Maison Goldberg, you’ll find options for all ages and preferences. Enjoy this guide we’ve

prepared to show you how amazing it is to receive jewellery as a gift


Finding someone a perfect gift is a very difficult decision. Is there something that represents how much you care for them and, at the same time, shows that you found something that matches their style and enhances their beauty? Yes, it exists: jewellery!

It’s impossible to find someone that wouldn’t love such a gift. And, it gets even better when given to someone special because it’ll carry sentimental value! It’s the beginning of a loving memory.

Maison Goldberg Gift

Just a simple look at the piece will bring back the memory that a person chose this piece of jewellery to match your style and personality! How can anything be sweeter than that?

Not to mention, people usually don’t buy jewellery on their own. We have this preconceived notion that jewellery is reserved for very formal occasions or proposals. At the same time, everybody has dreamed, at least once, of receiving this kind of gift. It’s the perfect time to make their dreams come true with heartfelt jewellery for Christmas!

Jewelry Christmas Gift


Despite how it might seem, jewellery is a very versatile and essential accessory. This means that it’s a trendy addition to any look, from young teenagers to full-grown adults. It also suits any occasion. Nothing says, “I love you,” like a radiant pair of diamond earrings or a gold necklace.

Jewellery has the natural quality of being timeless. Thousands of generations before us have shown how well these pieces stand the test of time. The right design has the power to lift anyone’s self-esteem and make them feel better about themselves, and feel loved, desired, and radiant. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do this for someone you love?


Jewellery is perfect for every occasion. A delicate bracelet can be worn during a meeting and for a fancy party. It’s all about knowing how to make the best of your collection. But, in order to make this work, the person has to be confident with their jewellery, which means that your choice must take some things into consideration.

Maison Fashion Jewelry

Take some time to think about their personality. Are they classic and chic or creative and funny? Think about the type of clothes they wear. Is it more romantic or modern, elegant or simple? Unnoticed details are usually the ones that matter the most.

Romantic Gift

If we’re talking about friends and family, this process won’t be hard. Remember when they invited you over for dinner? Try to remember their clothes, accessories. Those precious moments when you get to see them as who they are, are the ones that count. Listen to your heart and the choice will be certain! 

Our collection includes bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces! From delicate pieces to intricate ones, all you have to do is think about the person and let our experts do the rest.

When jewellery shopping, one of the biggest concerns is quality. With Maison Goldberg, you won’t have to even think about it.

We already carefully hand-picked the best gemstones for you. Let the jewellery speak for you this holiday season. 


Maison Goldberg is a father-and-daughter owned business. This family has provided a fine jewellery retailer service in Canada for over 70 years. After combining their experiences and expertises, the duo has revolutionised the jewellery market by offering custom design services.

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This sets a whole new personalised experience for every customer. This goes from first-timers, looking for their first piece, to experience buyers, already familiarised with our first-class service. Maison Goldberg is a pioneer of this type of service in Montreal. Let us be a part of your dream. 

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